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GoGreenShippingBoxes.com takes an innovative approach to providing low-cost, earth-friendly shipping boxes. Many companies think using a cardboard box once and sending it to the traditional recycler is the most responsible way to help the environment. In fact, we feel that most boxes that are sent to recycler are actually being prematurely terminated! The process of recycling cardboard boxes requires a great deal of energy,

We have access to millions of quality used shipping boxes, as well as brand new manufacturers misprints and overruns. Many of these boxes are available for bulk sale at a price that is much lower than you would pay for new boxes. If your business is looking for 1000 or more of same size box, please CLICK HERE to tell us about your needs. Once your information is submitted, we will search our extensive database of boxes for you.

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If you are a business that collects at least 1,000 of the same size quality used boxes on a monthly basis, we can often purchase your boxes at a higher rate than your existing recycler. If you would like to see if we are able to purchase your boxes, please CLICK HERE to tell us about your boxes. We will contact you within three business days, if we are able to purchase your boxes.

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